You lush

When I go shopping, I really don’t like to be bothered.  Annoying store clerks who follow you around and force random products on you are the worst and have often driven me out of the store.  There are times though, when I’m bored or curious and don’t mind a little extra help.  The other day, I was in SoHo and had about 30 minutes to burn and got lured in by the sweet smells coming from the Lush store.  I’ve been a fan of their bath items for years, but haven’t tried much of their other products.

As I walked in, an associate noticed that I was lurking and asked whether I’d like to get a hand treatment.  Since I had plenty of time (and really who doesn’t like to be pampered once in a while) I said yes.  Two associates actually helped me.  One was being trained, so she actually did the treatment, but the other associate stuck around to chat.  As we talked and joked around, I mentioned that I was not looking forward to the cold weather, as my skin becomes really unhappy and gets dry and cracked no matter what products I use.  At this point, the associate perked up and told me about two awesome products.  She first mentioned Helping Hands, a lotion which smells like chamomile.  It uses linseed which basically acts like a waterproof barrier.  Created for nurses who wash their hands many times a day, this products helps them keep the moisture in.  This lotion goes on smoothly and when washing my hands after applying, I’ve seen the water bead down my hands, so I believe their statement!

Secondly, she told me that I should really try Putty for the Hands.  A hand soap that doesn’t look or act like any other soap I’ve used.  It has the consistency of damp clay and you can either use it as a bar or crumble it and use a little at a time.  I opted to crumble it.  You take a little bit, add a little water and coat your hands.  After washing off, your hands will be cleaned, but at the same time they’re moisturized as well.  Another product created with a distinct purpose in mind.  A Lush employee had dry cracked hands and asked for a product that would help her.

When buying stuff from Lush, I will admit that I’m sometimes a little turned off by the high prices.  I think that when something really works though, it’s well worth the cost.  With these two products, I think that’s the case.  Probably more expensive than other lotions or soaps, but in the end, my hands will thank me!