I finally got a chance to try out Georgetown Cupcakes this past week (thankfully before the chaos of Fashion’s Night Out) and was pleasantly surprised.  They have many flavors and I’m not sure if this is due to the timing of my visit, but they also seemed to have a couple of charity and themed (in my case, election cupcakes) that were fun to choose from.  After choosing an election red velvet cupcake and strawberry cupcake, I stopped and asked the person helping me what flavor she recommended.  Without hesitation, she said I needed to try the caramel apple or bananas foster cupcake.  I went with caramel apple.  Similar to Sprinkles, these cupcakes are meticulously put together.  Perhaps it’s just me, but I found these cupcakes a little unwieldy to eat.  The frosting was perched so high, that it was a little unbalanced and I constantly worried that the frosting was about to topple over (it didn’t).  Either way, that is pretty minor in the scheme of things.  Let’s talk about the actual cupcake.  The cake was nice and moist and had just enough flavor to compliment the frosting.  The frosting was smooth, not too sweet and very good.  I also liked Georgetown’s fondant touches, as they were nice and soft (kind of like a flat marshmallow) and I actually enjoyed them.

So the question is, do I choose them over Sprinkles?  Nope, not yet.  First of all, location-wise, Sprinkles is much more convenient for me.  And although their cupcakes are very similar, I think I favor Sprinkles a little more.