Pigging out at Pig Island

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend.  Mine started out with some great eating, thanks to fellow blogger Sweets by Sillianah.  She invited me to join her at Pig Island taking place on Governors Island.  25 local chefs took 80 locally sourced hogs and made some delicious dishes.

Although the unexpectedly hot weather did lower my appetite just a smidge, I still manged to get a lot of eating done.  Although all of the dishes were great, I did have a few favorites.

Pig Island 2012 at Governor's Island

One of my friends has been wanting to go to Talde, and now I know why.  Although many of the booths added little touches to their booth, I loved Talde’s use of Star Anise and Chilli peppers.  So simple, but eye-catching.  I  really enjoyed both of the dishes prepared by Talde and Pork Slope.  One was a super-tender pressed pig – which reminded me of a terrine.  The other was a moist and flavorful “porky melt” with a cheese-filled bratwurst patty.

Pig Island 2012 Governor's Island
Edi and the Wolf prepared a pork belly with peaches and crunchy croutons.  I hadn’t heard of Edi and the Wolf before this, but have added this restaurant to my list of “to visit” places.

Pig Island 2012 at Governor's Island
Perhaps it makes sense that people who raise pigs also know how to make the most of their flavor.  Mosefund Mangalista had Chef Terry French preparing Thai Pork skewers which had a Korean BBQ-esque flavor.  They were flavorful, tender and perfect in many ways.  A great dish and a great way to end a full day of eating.

Those were just my favorites!  I managed to eat many more dishes.  Check out the rest of the pictures here.