At work, I’m in a shared area, so having a long list of podcasts to listen to throughout the week are a must.  My week is not complete without Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, a funny, but very informative news show.  There hasn’t been one episode where I start laughing out loud and all my cube-mates look at me funny.  There are also the ever-reliable This American Life, All Songs Considered, Alt.Latino and some new favorites like The Moth and Radiolab.

Another podcast that I’ve stumbled upon, is Stanford University’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar Podcast.  (A full list of their recordings can be found here.)  Whether you are looking for tips on being an entrepreneur or looking for general business or life advice, I’ve found this podcast fascinating in many ways.   They bring in such a mix of people – from lawyers to doctors to tech start-up founders – there is something for everyone.  Each podcast is about an hour and it starts off with about 30 minutes of the speaker discussing their topic followed by 20-30 minutes of Q&A.  Stanford has made most of their recordings available on iTunes, with older recordings on their website, so you can go back and listen to all of the sessions.  I’ve only been able to listen to a handful so far, but each one has captivated me.  As a user of Proactiv myself, it was  great to hear how this product came to be, straight from Katie Rodan herself.  Since these sessions are for a college seminar, I like that each episode strives to teach you something, which isn’t necessarily the case with other appearances.

San Francisco 2012I also recently listened to Guy Kawasaki’s session on Creating Enchantment.   Enchanting someone is essential in both business and in general interactions with other people.  Watching the Olympics this past week, I even found the concept valid with the athletes.  Although you always cheer for your Country, even then, I found myself  drawn to the likeable people and getting more involved in cheering for them.  I realized then that it must apply in the workplace too.  Even if you’re great at your job and deliver all the time, if you’re not likeable and as a result people don’t find you enchanting, sure, they realize you’re a great worker, but it’s probably less likely that they will fight for you.  Can you tell that this is something I’m dealing with right now?

Anyhow, if you’re looking for more podcasts to listen to, give these ones a try and let me know if you have any recommendations!