The not so secret, secret

New Yorkers love secrets.  Speakeasy bars?  Unmarked restaurants?  New Yorkers will be all over them.  So I love that one of the longest running “secrets” can be found in the Bloomingdale’s 59th and Lexington Street store.  Forty Carrots in Bloomingdale’s has some of the best frozen yogurt in New York City.  It used to be in the basement level so that you could sneak into the store, get some frozen yogurt and run into the subway, but they’ve since moved the store up to the 7th floor so you have to make your way through the entire store.  Smart move, Bloomingdales.

The plain isn’t sweet, but has a sharp tang that reminds you that it’s yogurt.  Their other flavors taste like they should, instead of  airy flavored frozen liquid.  One of my absolute favorites is coffee.  I usually get half plain and half coffee.  The two things that I love the most about Forty Carrots is 1. that they are never shy about giving you a good portion (a small is easily the size of a medium at other places) and 2. they put the two flavors in separately, instead of using the twist.

Although a small runs you a little under 5 bucks, compared to the other yogurt places popping up all over the place, it’s not bad at all.  If you ever find yourself in the area, give Forty Carrots a try.  They usually close an hour before the store closes.