Weekday luxury

Do you ever have one of those work days where you start off leisurely and bored, but around noon, things go nuts.  Everyone needs something and you don’t get a break.  That was every day last week for me.  Each day, I had high hopes of going to the gym or even cleaning my apartment, but after work, all I could do was melt into my couch and take a deep breath.

I wanted to give myself a quick pick-me-up and I remembered the New Jersey Strawberries I picked up at the greenmarket the previous weekend.  Sure, it’s a little early and they’re not quite super sweet as they get later in the summer, but I couldn’t help myself.  Anyhow, I had some leftover heavy cream, so I knew I could make some whipped cream.  With Tcho chocolate on my mind, I thought it’d be a nice touch to add some melted chocolate.

It took a little effort, but there’s nothing like a luxurious dessert made just for you, with all your favorite things to lift your spirits.