Cake or Yeast?

Walking down the street, I did a double-take.  No, it wasn’t Jude Law (although I did just see him in the Lower East Side the other day), it was a sign outside of Gimme! Coffee advertising Dough Doughnuts.   Dough kept coming up in conversation.  Many people even claimed that it was better than the Doughnut Plant, one of my absolute favorite stores.  I was curious, but not quite willing to make my way to Brooklyn to try them myself.  So as I passed the Gimme! Coffee sign, I did a double-take and literally walked backwards toward the door.  Since it was early afternoon, I figured I’d be limited to two or three flavors – I was pleasantly surprised to find a display chock-full of different flavors!  Since I was unable to make the decision myself, I asked the barista for advice.  One of her recommended choices was the blood orange, and I was sold, as I am with anything meyer lemon or blood orange.

The glaze is outstanding.  Just like a fresh blood orange, it is both sweet and tart and captures the intricate flavors of a blood orange perfectly.  For that alone, the doughnut is worth it.  The actual doughnut, although well made and nice and fluffy, I found it a little dense for my tastes, although I could easily see why people like it so much.  I think I still prefer Doughnut Plant, although I’ll reserve judgement until I go to the Dough store and try more of the flavors.