If doughnuts and cannolis had a baby

Ask yourself two questions:
1.  Do you like doughnuts?
2.  Do you like cannoli’s?

If you answered yes to those two questions…

Meet the Cartoccio all Crema.  In one word, it’s glorious.

I thought I had tried everything worth trying at the local Italian bakeries, but one day a few weeks ago, I noticed a tray of these cone-shaped pastries on the back counter.  They looked sort of like doughnuts..I leaned in a little bit..and they seemed to have some cream filling..at this point I was about to fall over the counter, so I bit and took one home.  W.O.W.  The outside is a cinnamon sugar yeast doughnut rolled into a coronet shape.  Light and fluffy complementing the crunchy sugar on the outside.  Inside, it’s jam-packed with cannoli filling, in this case interspersed with chocolate chips.  Again, WOW.  How had I not encountered this before?  I regretted my decision in buying only one..hoping that this was a regular item carried by the bakery.   When there wasn’t even a sprinkle of sugar left, I even emailed a food-loving-friend of mine about this newly found glorious pastry.  It’s a doughnut and cannoli in one!

A few days later, I frantically walked into the bakery trying not to sound too desperate as I explained the pastry to the woman behind the counter.  You know, the cone-shaped pastry stuffed with cannoli filling – I swear it was RIGHT there..don’t you remember?  How could you not remember a pastry as glorious as that??  After a few more descriptions, a light went off and she knew what I was talking about.  Sadly they were out, but she said that they’d be making a few more and to check in with them a few days later.   So I waited a few days..and tried the bakery again.   YES!  Cartoccio alla Crema, we meet again.  This time, I bought two..you know..for photo-taking purposes…The girl behind the counter warned me not to go too overboard with these as the dough and cannoli cream might catch up to you.  Ha!  I must say, that was a first.  Really, it’s just an extremely efficient pastry.  Why eat two separate things, when you can combine them into one??