Practice makes perfect

I had such high hopes for this post.  I saw these adorable mini kiwis at the supermarket and thought of the ways to use them in a dessert that would show off their adorable mini-ness, yet still be flavorful.  I recently had chocolate-dipped kumquats at a Chinese New Year potluck and thought the same would work for these fruits.  I had tempered chocolate many times before, I even made chocolate bon bons from scratch, so tempering a little chocolate would be no problem!  Or so I thought.  It’s been several years from the last time I’ve done it and it shows.  My chocolate didn’t have any of that smooth sheen and snap that truly tempered chocolate has.  Ah well, I tried and at least the chocolate tastes the same.  So not only is this a way to show you what I did with the mini kiwi’s this is a lesson to keep practicing any of the skills you learn.   If you take those skills for granted and don’t keep it up, you’ll find yourself needing to start from scratch and learning the skill all over again.  Practice makes perfect!

Chocolate Covered Mini Kiwis