I had the impression that biscuits are hard to make.  As a result, I always resorted to using pre-made biscuit dough, which I will not deny, is pretty tasty.  I still haven’t figured out how to get biscuits to be so magically flaky and layered.  One night, I had a hankering for bread, but didn’t have the energy to go the supermarket and I missed the bakery on my way home.  Sigh.  The craving would not go away…Doing a quick google search, I found a recipe on Real Simple for drop biscuits.  The entire recipe consisted of 5 ingredients and 2 steps.  The most difficult part of the whole recipe is cleaning the food processor afterwards.  Luckily that night, I had the magical combination of flour, butter, baking powder, salt and milk.

Since the recipe was so simple I had low expectations.  Could such simplicity lead to the fluffy buttery biscuits you get at Sunday brunch?

Their appearance is a little different in that they’re more like a mountain range than the uniform souffle-like appearance of other biscuits and they’re not uniformly golden on top and only seem to get a smattering of browning, so again, I was glad I kept my expectations low, but the minute I split one open to spread some salted butter, I was shocked.  The inside was fluffy and perfectly done.  My doubts?  G.O.N.E.

Biscuits are great in that you can really adjust them to how you’re feeling that day.  Want sweet?  Spread some of your favorite jam or honey.

Biscuits - Sweet and SavoryWant savory?  Combine it with a poached egg, bacon and some herbs and give yourself a great sandwich.

If you’re like me and could never get biscuits right, try this recipe out.  You might be pleasantly surprised and might start WANTING to make biscuits?  Can you imagine?